Monday, 9 April 2012


Almost a week ago, I got my fourth tattoo. A few months ago, I posted my inspiration which you can find here. In the end, I decided not to have any of those feathers and was newly inspired by the following one just a couple of weeks ago.

I fell in love with this feather because it was a little bit different which is what everybody wants: to be that little bit more individual than any other person. The waiting game for this tattoo was originally when I returned from Spain in 2013, but I couldn't wait that long. So, it came to this Summer, but my impatience (I am very impatient) got the better of me, and I decided to get it done in the Easter Hols, whilst I was at home. Mum and Dad actually let me get it done! Mum's said it is the very, very, very last one! I've said it too because the pain on my ribs was sometimes unbearable! And I like getting tattoos done!

Mine the day of tattooing:

Mine is smaller, and thinner which is better for my body shape, and I think it looks more antique to go with the idea of the quill pen. I've added the word 'passion' underneath it as writing is my passion (as all you readers know!). It's itchy now, and has started to peel so it's getting better!

Never again!... For a few years!

faye xoxo

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