Sunday, 19 February 2012

Train Travels

This post was originally supposed to be uploaded on Friday night but I didn't because my boyfriend came round for tea and I needed to get ready for a night out.
Back to the post. Yesterday I returned up North and I will be here for ten days! I was on the train for over two hours and even though I didn't follow my own advice, I created this post for you people who travel home from university, or travel anywhere else on the train.

Wear comfy clothes for travelling on the train (and if you live in London, travelling through the city).
Take snacks to keep you going through the journey.
Listen to music to drown out the train noises around such as babies screaming and parents telling their kinds off.
Read a good book be it for leisure or for work. Usually mines for work as an English Literature student.
Carry a holdall for all your clothes/shoes/work etc. And DON'T leave your packing to the morning of with a massive hangover like I did yesterday morning.
Finally, a big bag for your purse, phone, essentials and those important tickets!

This post was inspired by La Petite Fashionista and her post on travelling on planes.

faye xoxo

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