Monday, 13 February 2012

What I Bought Today

Again, this is a VERY delayed what i bought today post. Apologies! Uni life is pretty hectic at the moment with all the deadlines/work/sitting on my arse all day and watching csi...

This dress was supposed to be for a HerUni event which I never even went to after the stress of dragging my boyfriend around Kingston in search for a white (I know it's not white) dress in less than two hours for a White Party at Pacha that night. The PR for Hed Kandi never got back to my editor so I ended up staying in and watch csi.
The dress is from the Bentalls centre in Kingston. It is by Joanna London, supposed to be £89, got it in the sale for £39! Good bargain!
I have a family wedding coming up in April that I might wear it too, with some glitter shoes where you can find my addiction to in a post here and a nice new glitter clutch that will probably be bought from Schuh also.

In other news of the life of moi, I have changed my room around. I was getting pretty bored of the old way it looked and decided to try and make my tiny box room a little bit bigger.



It looks and feels so much better than before!

I am going home this Saturday which is very exciting and I have a travel style post lined up for just before I go too. I haven't been home since the Christmas holidays so it will be nice to see my family and the friends that will be up north for 10 days. The only thing is, I have an essay due on the 24th. That means I have to do it by this Friday so I don't have to come back for one day to hand it in. Now, this is where the panic sets in as I have 273 pages left to read of the book I am setting my essay on. I need to plan it, and ideally I want to write a draft to be sent in and given feedback on, and then sumit the second draft. This plus working in the Union and other uni work, plus it's Valentines Day tomorrow which I will be spending the evening with my other half (after working in the day). Phew! Suffice to say, I'm going to be tearing my hair out of my head at the end of the week. By the way, my Valentine's special post here for those perfect accessories/outfits to wear on the day of lurrve.

Have a good week!

faye xoxo

P.S. You probably noticed that I did a bit of redecorating on the blog. Hope you like!

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