Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What I Bought Today

I'm writing this on the actual day of which I have done my shopping! For a change!!
As I am at home, me and my mum went shopping as a kind of tradition aka we always shop when I'm home. I bought lots as usual! Mum treated me too!! So all in all, below are the things that I got today.

God knows how much all this cost altogether but some things were in the sale for really cheap!

I went to see The Vow tonight with my friend which was a really good film. I didn't cry when I definitely through I would! It was nice to have Maccy's, and a lot of it, in the car before the cinema and then sitting down in a dark room to watch a film on the big screen. I don't really go to the pictures anymore because it's so expensive, especially in London. £9.50? Er, no thanks.

The last bracelet is a friendship bracelet between me and my five year old niece who I surprised today after school. I was so excited to see her because I haven't seen her in six or seven weeks! I seriously start to get withdrawal symptons I miss her so much!

The black top and new skirt is Saturday nights outfit with a black blazer and some nude patent shoes (that I have still not bought yet) and a bag (that I also need to buy)! I'm really excited for a good girls night out!

Generally loving being home!

faye xoxo

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