Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Around the World

I love travelling. A LOT. The thing is, I haven't really done a lot of it! I'm 19 and I have only ever been to different parts of England, Scotland, Disneyland Paris, Cyprus, Spain (when I was two so I can't really remember it) and Tenerife (my second home). That does not seem like a lot for a girl who loves to travel. Maybe I'm a girl who loves to dream about travelling to amazing places. I want to find the quiestest and most golden/white beach in the world with the bluest sea. I love the beach and that also means a better tan!

I asked my Hawaiian flatmate where she had been to because on Facebook, it always seemed like she was travelling.
She is definitely the traveller! :

Czech Republic

The last two she is hoping to go visit after her semester.
That for me is a lot of places and I want to go to every single one of them and more!

These are such breathtaking images of our world! I want to go to every single one of these exact images to say in a future blog: I have been there.

Next summer, I plan to travel around Europe for a month just to a few different places: Spain, France, Italy, Ireland... because I want to see different parts of the world before I go to live in Spain for nine months.

Also, as the year after, 2013, my friends and I will be 21, for the last of our birthdays (August), we are going to America for a week or two! Originally it was supposed to just be Las Vegas but we now want a trip starting in New York, going to North Carolina, then to California and Hollywood and ending up in Vegas.
I, for one, cannot wait to go! At least to start the whole booking process next year to cement that this dream will definitely come true.

That is the plan of action for August 2013.

Right now, I have a holiday in December to look forward to. It's not booked yet but I am having another holiday this year!

What destinations have you been to or dream of going to?

faye xoxo

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