Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Bit of Bite

It is safe to say that my favourite ever tv show is The Vampire Diaries. I've read the books (although not the latest) and I loved them! I have to admit that I didn't read the books until I had seen the entire of season one. They were a great eighteenth birthday present!

As you know from my last post, I received a very exciting parcel from amazon a few days ago! I've already watched it all because I am a tad obsessed with the show.

The end of last season was when it was known that Katherine was back and on a mission. No-one knew how or why but there she was impersonating Elena. She did it very well and the cliffhanger of season one was intense.
Season 2 started with the end of the last series to pull it all together and it has really been an incredible rollercoaster with a lot of bite since then.
People have died and come back to life. Katherine was up to her old tricks again, killing, manipulating and all sorts of mind meddling drama of the sorts. Damon and Stefan are still in love with Elena. Damon is the one that both girls don't want aka they love Stefan.
BUT now Stefan has turned evil again in order to save Damon's life because he was bitten by a werewolf. Oh, and there is a hybrid on the loose: the oldest, most powerful vampire born of a werewolf bloodline. Stefan's working for him.

It is safe to say that I cannot wait for Season three to come to UK screens! It's going to be Damon and Elena's season to shine! I have been waiting for this (although I do love Stefan to bits) for a very long time now! I just want them to have a bit of passion between them.

I hate how stunning they all are!

faye xoxo


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  1. SNAP! i love the vampire diaries also! i went a whole week huddled up in bed watching the first two series, it was bliss :)