Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Miss Dobrev

My obsession with The Vampire Diaries has escalated into my obsession with the cast.
This post is dedicated to Nina Dobrev, the face of Elena and Katherine. She can only be described as an extrememly talented actress for playing opposite roles in one TV show. I have not yet seen any young actress having the ability of playing such different roles in one place. If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, and why wouldn't you be? you will see that Elena is more of the goody-two-shoes out of the two female protagonists. Katherine is very much the conniving, evil bitch.
I wish I had the talent and opportunity to play such different roles in one place.
Unfortunately not as I am no actress and my passion lies in writing and creating blogs for whoever reads my posts.

So this post is dedicated to a fabulous young woman who is set on the trail of success.

Nina's Look:

Nina Dobrev has a laidback look of jeans, tees and boots during the day (very much like her character Elena) but during the night, the party dresses come out to play.


Top: £30 Topshop
Necklace: £8.99 Republic
Shorts: £24.99 River Island
Cardigan: £15 Matalan
Boots: £24.99 New Look
Bag: £45 Topshop
Belt: £4.99 New Look
Hat: £12 House of Fraser
Sunglasses: £18 Topshop
Bracelet: £8 River Island (Men's)

Total: £191.96


Top: £16 Miss Selfridge
Skirt: £16 ASOS
Lipstick: £7.99 (Max Factor) Boots
Necklace: £5.99 Republic
Dress: £45 Miss Selfridge
Shoes: £85 River Island

Total: £175.98

Which is your favourite?

faye xoxo

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