Monday, 29 August 2011

Film Review: Red Riding Hood

This film is more than a thriller adaptation of the fairy tale story, Little Red Riding Hood. It is like the murder programmes of CSI and Murder She Wrote. All the way through I was trying to guess who the werewolf was. I was completely wrong in all my guesses! Expect the unexpected with this one!

In the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood is a sweet, innocent little girl taking fruit to her sick grandmother. In this film, Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is no angel. In fact, in the prologue of the film, she kills a white rabbit with her friend, and future lover, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez). Plus, she oozes sex appeal and dances quite raunchily with a female friend just to get the attention of Peter.
This is the bad boy that you want Valerie to be with, not the rich and 'dashing' boy, Henry (Max Irons). Henry does love Valerie and it is like the love triangle of the good and bad boys (think Vampire Diaries & Twilight).
The teenage drama of a love triangle combined with a werewolf on the loose is as much drama as a film needs. But, in this film, there is more.
It turns out Valerie can here and speak to the werewolf which makes her seem like a witch to her fellow villagers. The wolf wants her to come away with him before the blood moon ends, leaving them two days to find out who the murderer is and who wants her to leave with them. Also, a significant clue is that the wolves eyes are brown which seems to be the eye colour of the entire village.
The obvious two are Peter and Henry, the one's who love her and want to be with her. Both have brown eyes and both tell her in human form to come away with them. This puts a girl in a very awkward position. She can trust no-one which is great tension for the audience as we are always asking who is the the werewolf?
As I said, the werewolf is very unexpected! Don't be deceived by the one's who seem innocent!

Overall, it is a film to watch but maybe not a film to buy.
Four stars.

faye xoxo

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