Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tis The Season To Party

I am now at home, on my comfy couch, with the tree up and the fire on. It feels so good! I got home early hours Friday morning, and then promptly got really ill over the weekend, so I haven't been able to do a thing. It's the worst time of year to get ill but is also inevitable unfortunately. And, I have loads of work to do, including an essay that's due tomorrow which I haven't started yet! :(
Nevertheless - hopefully, if I am better - this weekend is the start of party season for me aka a night out on the town, and drinks in the pub the next two days with friends. Yes, I am actually out on Christmas Eve this year (only for the afternoon though! - true stay at home girl). I am so excited! I can't wait to see all my friends, and have proper hangover food!

Getting dressed up, putting makeup and doing your hair is all part of the fun, especially when there are loads of beautiful clothes and shoes out there to buy! I'm going over to town tomorrow with my Mum for last minute Christmas shopping, and maybe a little something for me too! Like a new outfit...

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