Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Going Home.

I have not blogged in a long time. I have no excuse really because I'm not mega busy or anything. I've become a fan of Pinterest recently to put a load of different inspiration up, mainly to do with 'Ink' which I am loving at the moment.
Technically, as seen as it's after midnight, I go home tomorrow night! I am beyond excited and cannot wait!! I just want to have a full English and a hot Ribena on the couch, in front of the telly, in the evening. That will be happening on Friday among seeing the family!
I want to do so much whilst at home for the short three weeks I'm there, so I've made a list, but with proper SG style, here's an inspiration board.
L-R: Catching up with friends like the crazy people that we are; Making 21st birthday plans (way in advance!); Putting the Christmas tree up (parents have waited for me to come home :)); Eating a massive Xmas dinner; Spending quality time with my family (miss them); Reading loads; Writing what I want to write, not what a university wants me to; Eating a full English; Eating out at an Indian restaurant; Going out with the girls; Getting my hair restyled (I'm liking this - long layers); NYE; Seeing Breaking Dawn (it is at the top of my list!); Going to a panto with family; Being addicted as ever to tattoos.
This is what my diary of the next three weeks will look like, plus other things as plans are made and people come home for Christmas. It looks like I'm about to put on many pounds from all the food I plan to eat! It's a good job I've already thought about exercise for next year (including Zumba!).
I cannot wait to be in the comfiest bed in the world, and have the best sleep ever after getting home early hours of Friday morning!
I'll be blogging more over the Christmas period, and I've planned a couple of Xmas HerUni posts too so look out for them.

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