Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Feather Tattoo

If you read my blog then you may have seen that I want a feather tattoo (inspired by the lovely Erin Wasson). I've been looking round recently, as my addiction grows higher and higher, for the perfect feather tattoo. Do I want a 'normal' feather or a peacock feather? I know the exact place where I want it (again, thanks to Erin Wasson) but I do not know what type and whether I want to redesign something myself. As I'm not a good artist, I think I may have to pass on that option.

I have been looking around for inspiration and here is what I have so far...

My beautiful friend with her peacock feather.

If I could, I would probably have the majority of these but due to other tattoos and the sheer amount of tattoos in ration to bare skin, science would not allow me. I probably won't get this tattoo (my fourth) for another year or so, just because I am nineteen and I have three already. Also, I can't really afford it and I want it to be at a significant point in my life.
What I haven't mentioned is that I want my 'feather tattoo' to be turned into a feather quill pen for the obvious reason of my being a writer.

So I leave you with these images and inspirations of beautiful artwork.

faye xoxo

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