Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Words Behind the Picture

As the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words. Therefore, in this blog post I will tell you the words behind my new image at the top of my page. 

As you can see, there are seven smaller images that have been collaborated to make my very own collage that represents me and more importantly, Senorita Glamourista.
Firstly, the far left image represents the fashion, style and beauty side of this blog. The writing images are obviously signalling my love of books and writing stories, articles and this blog. Writing is my future which is why the majority of images consist of books. The tattoo image shows my obsession with tattoos and the one that I am getting next, in the not so near future. The old film roll portrays the film reviews that I like to write (although recently, I haven't really done any of that.. sorry!). Queen obviously represents music and my roots. Lastly, the photograph of moi is just to show you who actually writes this blog.

Hope you enjoy the individual images and the collage together.

faye xoxo

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