Sunday, 30 October 2011

The New Roey MyUni Editor!

Yes, that is correct. I am now an Editor for! Me and another girl will be collaborating and creating the Roey MyUni page! I am so excited for this opportunity and to become even more involved with the HerUni family. A huge thanks to Geraldine Haneine for giving me this opportunity and I cannot wait to get sorted!
Now then, this was on Friday and it turned out to be such a hectic day. I got up earlier than usual for a Friday and set off in heels to NW London. It only took a bus and a tube but my feet were killing me as I returned to Roehampton to meet my fellow pig (another post will explain that later) for lunch. Then, a lecture. I received my first written piece of Second year: 65/2.1! Extremely happy with that!
Then work for Halloween Bop which will be later posted about in my Halloween Weekend Special.

So, what does a girl wear to trek across London and meet with Editor-in-Chief on an established website/blog that has won an award from the Cosmo Blog Awards?
I will tell you that it took a while to think about but this is what I wore:

And the finished look complete with blazer...

Top: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Tights: River Island
Shoes: New Look
Blazer: Primark
A very High Street Look.

The make-up:

Step 1: Cover lid with grey eye shadow.
Step 2: Pencil a line across lid and the waterline and underneath. 
Step 3: Coat lashes with mascara.

Tutorial of a fishtail plait here.

faye xoxo

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