Sunday, 30 October 2011

HerUni Article: Anthropologie

A lifestyle store set in Chelsea is the place to be if you want cute interiors and fabulous eveningwear for the upcoming party season. This store has the air of romanticism in it and every piece it sells. Next month, Anthropologie is bringing out all the cocktail dresses and statement jewellery that you desire. Although, I warn you to save up or dip into your “rainy day” stash, as some of the items can be outside of a student’s budget!
This season, the collaboration for the exquisite new range includes Anton Heunis, a Portuguese statement jewellery designer. He is a fantastic addition to Anthropologie’s collection. This season is all about vintage, and one can see the jewellery and dresses are clearly inspired by vintage styles. When I visited, a mannequin on show wore the necklace below with a floor length navy dress. It was a beautiful outfit. However, it had a larger price tag than your usual high street stores. But of course one can justify the high-quality materials and clearly intricate craftsmanship.

The navy dress which accompanied the jewel, was designed exclusively by Pyrus (a brand which has its own online store). If you do want to save and splash the cash on one statement garment, definitely do it on this dress. But as you would have to save at least £500 to buy it I would suggest you think twice before making such investment.
The beautiful dresses in the Anthropologie store are something that we students can only gaze at in the shop window with desire. They are stunningly gorgeous and would make any girl feel like a modern princess in them. Think Kate Middleton, the characters of Gossip Girl or Made In Chelsea. These are the type of characters likely to be found shopping in Anthropologie.
As I said, Anthropologie is a lifestyle store stocked with fabulous designer wear. It’s almost like a beautiful show home. The unique books and home decorations it sells are my favourite parts of the new season’s collection. The thing that struck me the most during my visit were the homemade-looking Christmas decorations. These consisted of newspaper animals that you would find in the classic winter story: robins, polar bears, reindeer plus other woodland creatures. These would be cute decorations for your flat or house. There was also a fabulous old wooden desk complete with an old fashioned typewriter. Next to it lay some small notebooks and behind it there was a pictureframe and a bookshelf full of old and new books. A dream setup for a very trendy study.
So next time you’re roaming about the streets of Chelsea, head to the Anthropologie store. The space alone is beautiful. The water decoration at the back of the store give it a feeling of tranquillity. There may also be some small gifts that you can buy for friends and family this Christmas. However, if you want to buy some fashion I would recommend heading for the sale section to see what’s in stock!

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