Friday, 21 October 2011

Lovely Lace; Old Style

One of the key trends this season is returning to the Victorian Era and throwing a load of lace together. I write this blog today as I have a Victorian Lit lecture later on. Currently we're doing about the whole industrial working class novel.
Anyway, back to fashion. My Mum always says that this kind of stuff suits me: the black, the lace, all of it thrown together. Although she says that, I don't actually have anything Victorian style with lace. This may have to be changed soon! It is coming up to November. I might think about some Victorian lace for Christmas Day. It is a special occasion and I can look for that special Victorian style dress.

The fashion designer who created the majority of these beautiful designs for LFW AW11 collections was Giles. It really is a beautiful trend.

I may have to do a bit of online shopping just before Christmas Day arrives and buy possibly all of these items!

faye xoxo

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  1. I'm in love with lace at the moment, I have bought so many lace dresses recently and now I've got buyers remorse! Must remember to return some of it next week :( x