Friday, 1 June 2012

SG's Summer Book Club

As an English Literature student, it's kind of an obligation to love books, which I do, otherwise that degree would be a waste of time. However, there's that feeling which we all get (literature students that is) where when we are forced to read a book, we don't enjoy it. That's why I've got lots of books to read over the summer.

Some of the books that I'll be reading are actually from Christmas. That's how long I've waited to read these books... months! Others are from Cancer Research which are featured on a post from earlier this week! I also bought one yesterday from ASDA for £3. Bargain! Can't go wrong! No doubt that through the summer months I'll be adding to the collection of SG's Summer Book Club. Reading is my favourite thing to do, especially whilst on holiday, lounging in the sun!

Best get reading!

What's on your Summer Book Club list?

faye xoxo

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