Thursday, 7 June 2012

Topshop Love

When I was a couple of years younger, I was never really a fan of Topshop. Everyone used to rave about Topshop, but they were a bit older. Now, I can see why everyone raved about Topshop because I absolutely love it! There should be a panic button when I go into a Topshop store, especially in London as I spend massive amounts! For example, a few weeks ago in Topshop, I spent approx £186. That was with student discount aswell!

Those are two of the things I bought in that massive spree. I've yet to wear the top (which says a lot about me). I like to save new clothes for a while before wearing them which is weird for a girl, because usually girls have to wear new clothes straightaway.

When I was looking for an outfit for my cousins wedding in April, Topshop was my saviour. I had a whole outfit planned from River Island apart from a blazer. I searched high and low for that blazer, a pink lace one preferably, and I never found one that was the right colour. I found a different blazer from New Look that I wanted to wear instead with pastel colours. Cue new search for outfit and a shopping trip to Liverpool. There, I went to Topshop and found the following dress.

Dress: Topshop
Jewellery: Topshop
Shoes: Missguided
Makeup: Boots

There are so many new things from Topshop that I'd love to have too! As I'm going on a family holiday to Portugal, I want laidback things as it's a very relaxing holiday, and then I'm going to V Festival at the end of August which means festival shopping! I'd love to go to Tenerife on a girlie hol, as well as little trips at the odd weekend to the countryside. That's just dreaming though.

Here's a bit of a Topshop wishlist!

I haven't added the cost of all these items as I'd probably depress myself because there is no way I could afford all that right now.

What's on your Topshop/high street wishlist?

faye xoxo

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