Monday, 7 January 2013

The Mortal Instruments

I can't remember what Christmas I received the first Mortal Instruments book written by Cassandra Clare. My mum picked it up for me and thought I would like it - something she does every Christmas - and I couldn't put it down.
Finally, this year the movie for that first instalment, The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones will be out in cinemas worldwide. I've memorised the date (sad I know) and I cannot wait to sit there in the pictures to watch it.
I can't remember exactly what happens in the first book because it was that long ago that I read it: I'll be re-reading them all before the first film arrives onto screens. Basically, there is a sixteen year old girl named Clary Fray with red hair and a best friend named Simon. The book starts with them two in their local club; whether it's an under 21 nightclub I do not know. Suddenly, Clary sees the most beautiful boy in the world as is the standard for every young adult book these days. Meet Jace, the golden haired, golden eyed Shadowhunter: half man, half angel sent to the world to save humanity from demons. The thing is, no human was supposed to see Jace or the other boy, Alec because of their glamour that they used. And so starts the questions of Why? How? What? etc. Plus, Clary's mother Jocelyn is kidnapped into another dimension. So, this poor girl Clary has lost her only close blood relative, is now seeing things, has to face the likes of demons, vampires and werewolves, and has fallen for somebody that she really shouldn't. But, I'm not going to spoil that one for you because that's just mean.
The book has a lot of loveable characters in it which many readers can relate to despite the whole other world within New York City.
Onto the film. There has been a load of fanmade videos created for youtube over the years on who the fans wanted cast for the roles of, namely, Clary and Jace. They got their wish with Lily Collins but nobody expected Jamie Campbell Bower at all. Apparently, Cassandra Clare thought he was the perfect Jace, and so got the role. Johnathan Rhys Meyers has the role of the evil character of the series, Valentine, and the lovely irish fella known for Misfits, Robert Sheehan has won the role of Simon Lewis, Clary's best friend.
It is out in cinemas on the 23rd of August this year.
I read book 5 of the series over Christmas. There's only one left to read and then it will be lived on in the cinema for a few years (depending obviously on the income of City of Bones).

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