Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What I Bought Yesterday

Yesterday, I went to Nueva Condomina for some necessities (and some sale splurges). I ended up spending quite a bit of money whilst walking around the shopping centre for hours. That is the reason why I don't go to that place a lot. I spend way to much money in there.

One of the reasons I needed to go shopping was to buy a skirt like the one above. It was only six euros!! It may need an iron. I go to London tomorrow and needed something to wear on Saturday night. I'll be having (sophisticated) cocktails at Slug & Lettuce. I'll be teaming the skirt with a black lace bralet - I don't care that it has been snowing - one of the above shirts (probably the skull one), black tights and black wedges. I wanted a shirt to go over the top of the outfit and saw these two beauties from the new collection in the store. They were 12.95 each but I really liked them; not that I'll wear them much but ah well!

I saw the top first and really like it. I love saying/image vest tops recently. There were no smalls so I had to buy a medium. It's a little baggy but if I tuck it into a skirt it looks good. Green is my favourite colour, and emerald is the colour of my birthstone so I just had to pick up the first skirt pictured. It was in the sale for 19.95 as was the black silk skirt. I really liked them both when I tried them on. The top was around 6 euros too. I can justify all the buys so it is fine that I've bough another two maxi skirts and another vest top.

I really wanted to buy another bag for the plane tomorrow. I was going to take my new blue handbag with the skull on but I doubt that I'd get everything in there. My Mum suggested my bright hippy-style backpack which I thought about but that against my black Pull and Bear coat would not work at all. Hence the need for a new bag. It looks kind of small but I think I can get all I need in there for my long weekend away. It has a load of different zip compartments inside which is really good for putting my passport, boarding passes, phone, I-pod etc. in. I still need to print my boarding passes off! For less than 25 euros aswell, I think it is a pretty good bargain!
I got a job at the local school instead of going to university too! I found out in the early hours of the morning. I am so ecstatic that I have the job and don't have to go back to that uni! And what better way to celebrate than flying back to London tomorrow for a long weekend! I am far too excited. I do have to get up at the latest 7am tomorrow morning to catch the 8am bus to the airport. It will be worth it when I am back in The Union with my friends and eating at the local Ask Italian!
For the rest of my day, I'll be deciding what to pack, packing, skyping my parents and going for Italian tonight for a friends leaving meal.

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