Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Birthday Dresses

As you all know from my last post (and if you know me personally because I keep going on about it), it is my birthday this weekend! I'm so excited and have just purchased three dresses for the weekend, one for Friday night, and two for Saturday (as I couldn't decide which one I wanted). Needless to say, I am shortly going to be extremely poor, and will have to get a summer job even though I'm planning loads of holidays!

For this post, I'm sharing a few inspiration images from fashion for birthday dresses, just because.

This next image is just a little bit of fun which every party or birthday night out needs!

Finally, get your perfect dress with who has a range of fabulous dresses! I say this because as I've just said, I've just bought three dresses from there! For under £100 too! That's a good deal for me!

On your birthday, you have to look belle of the ball and you can do that with!

faye xoxo 

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