Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Inspired: May

This blog is my little inspiration diary, and I have left it for weeks! I need to keep it up, especially whilst I'm in Spain (which is in four months time!!) so I can keep all my inspirations and memories from there on this little piece of internet.

As we are on the 8th May already, I feel it's time to post some inspiration images like I do every month! it's my birthday in four days, so there will be balloons and party dresses in spring time.


It's my birthday in four days, so I've made a special Birthday Mood Board for all you May birthday's out there (and everyone else too).

To add to this inspiration filled post, I've found an image that just sums up the fact that no matter who you are, whatever you've lost, whatever has happened to you in life, you can still head out to acheive your wildest dreams.

faye xoxo

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