Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MLFD Maxi Dress

My Little Fashion Diary is a blog which I have followed for years. I love Emilie's style, her life, the look of her quirky apartment, and her taste in pastel coloured food! She is one of the most successful and individual bloggers out there right now!

In one of her recent blogs, she wears a maxi dress from her online boutique Rebelle which is beautiful! It's on my wishlist of things that I will (hopefully in the future!) never right now be able to afford! I love browsing on Rebelle to look for inspiration of vintage, or right now clothes and accessories. Their playlists are fab too!

Here is the maxi dress, and an image of Emilie modelling it...

There's my little bit of inspiration from a fabulous fashion blogger, and her amazing fashion sense!

Go check out (if you haven't already) www.mylittlefashiondiary.net for more fantastic clothes, food, and inspiration.

faye xoxo

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