Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Summer Bucket List

This summer, I literally have to make it the best ever as I am going to Spain in September for the majority of the year. I'll be flying back of course but only some of the time like Christmas & Easter. So, I want to make the most of my family and friends this Summer by doing as much as I can! Hopefully, spending little too! I need to save! Not likely!

1. Thou shalt have a relaxing holiday with family in Portugal.

2. Thou shalt sunbathe all day and party all night in Tenerife.

3. Thou shalt camp in a massive field and see amazing people at V.

4. Thou shalt have a massive BBQ with friends & family.

5. Thou shalt go on a girly road trip to our home towns for a few days.

6. Thou shalt read and write everyday.

7. Thou shalt host a Mexican Evening complete with sombreros and tequila.

8. Thou shalt have a massive car boot sale and sell half my clothes.

9. Thou shalt get fit for holidays and Spain.

10. Thou shalt get up early everyday to get the most of Summer.

There's my 10 Commandments/Summer Bucket List, and already (I don't need to add to the list) I'm going back to London for the Diamond Jubilee. It was such a random and spontaneous decision. My best friend was going on her own, and she hasn't lived in London like moi, so I'll be going down too! And visiting Sheffield the night before which I haven't done in the two years of living in uni!

Here's to a fabulous summer whatever you're doing!

faye xoxo

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