Sunday, 13 May 2012


These are my birthday dresses of Friday night. There is a story to why I am wearing two dresses on one night (no, I am not a diva): The first one (on the left), did not fit me right. I should have just sent it back and been done with it, but oh no, I decided to keep it and fit my big bum in it, whilst having boobs that are too small for the top half. The dilemma of a pear shape! Basically, the slit up the back ripped further, hence why I wore (number) number two!
It's safe to say that on my birthday, without going into details, I was very ill.

Despite being very 'ill' on Saturday, and having only one cocktail (Sex on the Beach), then drinking water, I have had a lovely birthday weekend! Party night Friday, sophisticated cocktails Saturday night, and tonight a beautiful meal paid for by gorgeous friends complete with a wine that I actually enjoy drinking! It's a miracle!

Birthday cards...

This week

Is quite a busy one for me! I've been in contact with two online magazines that I will be contributing for... I don't want to say who or which yet as one has not had their debut issue, and the other I need to write five articles for by Friday. It's safe to say that this week is a hectic one when it's concerning writing.
I've also had a fab opportunity to feature a website on Senorita Glamourista. Again, I'm not saying who until I have created the post! I'm still in the early stages of emails and links and whatnot.

I also have a friends birthday this week, and I'm surprising some special people this week! I can't wait!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend, and have a fab week too!

faye xoxo

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