Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spanish Decor With British Accessories

As you all know, in three months I'll be living in Spain. I'm a little nervous about leaving my friends and family for the majority of ten months, but looking at inspiring Spanish decor and interiors, I've started to get a little more excited!

Various inspiration...

I love the combination of modern times with traditional Spanish decor in the pictures on the wall, the deep colours of red and brown, the tiled stairs, and the open plan layout. I especially love the last image for the built in oval-shaped desk infront of windows.

As much as I love the Spanish decor, I'm going to need some British memorabilia in my new home (maybe just my room depending on who I end up living with!). That might be a cushion or two with the British flag or a Pug sewn into it, or an image of the Liverpool skyline.

Just for fun. Some inspiration of British decor.

There you have two styles of interior design. I don't know which is my favourite.

What's yours?

faye xoxo

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