Saturday, 27 October 2012

Long Hair Problems

I love my long hair. I have always loved having long hair. I still want longer hair. But, I NEED a haircut ASAP! All I want is more layers, and a couple (?!) of inches off the bottom. The worst thing is, is that I have to wait 61 days until my next hair appointment! You're probably thinking, why don't you just go to a local hairdressers in Spain? NO! They might cut a load of my hair off! And then I'd cry myself to sleep every single night until it grew back longer. I once cried myself to sleep about how short my hair was and it miraculously grew back the next day. Weird.

Sorry some are a bit blurry.
So, not only am I counting down the days until I go home, Christmas Day, New Years Eve etc., I am counting down the days until I can get some life thrown back into my hair! At least it'll be ready for the party season.

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