Thursday, 4 October 2012

October In Spain

I have just done a bit of research about the goings on of Spain in October. There are many film festivals throughout the country, especially in Madrid, Barcelona & Marbella. Of course, there is also Bullfighting which goes on throughout the year.

For me, I won't be going to any of these things (this month at least). I've tried to be good, and say no to going out as much and spending a lot of money. So far, I've been doing okay, but as the plans for nights out keep coming in, my purse is hating me, but I'm loving life.
(L-R) Cocktails for 1euro on Friday night at BadulaKe bar; Sightseeing in Murcia; Getting dressed up; Moulin Rouge Party at Teatro Circo; Hangover McDonald's; Work Hard Play Hard mantra, Moulin Rouge inspiration; I love to party; Reading; Studying hard; Writing SG posts & articles; Shopping at Nueva Condimina; Halloween costume inspiration; Throwing a Halloween party; Halloween mantra to having the best Halloween ever!
So, in a nutshell, that they are the plans for October so far! I am excited for tomorrow night, and the rest of the nights out with my new friends in Spain to come! It is already the 4th, so I bet this month will fly by like the last! I can't believe I have already been in Spain for a whole month, granted on my own, without Mum & Dad, for just under a month. They are both visiting at the end of next month for six days which is very exciting! I shouldn't wish my life away, because I am having an amazing time out here, but it's always nice to have something to look forward to!

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