Monday, 15 October 2012

Winter Warmers

Another Saturday afternoon was spent at Nueva Condimina, buying things which I may not be able to afford. To be fair to myself, the majority of the money I spent was for various birthday/Christmas presents. I did, however, buy myself three things which are Winter Warmers and things that I will definitely be taking home with me this December.

Coat: Pull & Bear
Scarf: Zara
Top: Shana
At the moment, I am going through a stage of wanting black things, with studs on, combined with skull prints, topped off with heavy jewellery. I remember, during first year how I'd always wear bright colours despite it being Winter, and my flatmates would say that I always looked summery. Last year, I went through a stage of living in black tops and black leggings. Now, I get to wear summery clothes all the time, but can't really wear anything black because it is just too warm. That's another reason why I want to return to England (apart from missing home loads lately), I want to be able to wear Autumn/Winter fashion, and wrap up in a chunky knit with my leggings on, and a blanket wrapped around me, in front of the fire. I worked out that it is 65 days until I return home! I am beyond excited!
Until then, I have my new friends, nights out, the beach, and the sun to keep me going.

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