Monday, 8 October 2012

You Have Three Wishes

One of my wishes would be to be able to buy whatever clothes I wanted, whenever I wanted: very selfish of me... And, if any girl who loves fashion denies that she would do the same, she is a liar.
I haven't made a wishlist in a while, since Christmas last year I think, but at the moment, I am lusting after so many clothes/shoes/jewellery/accessories etc. that I had to make a quick October Wishlist post! At the moment, my bank is very much hating me so I'm trying to reign in the spending. Trying, but failing. Plus, Christmas is coming up, and if I buy anyone presents, I spoil them. I like to spoil people, and make sure they have the best present ever!
Keep on wishing...
The majority of this is from good old Topshop & River Island of course, as all my posts usually consist of! As you can also see, I am going through another 'rock chick'/'biker' phase yet again! It will never get old, especially as there is a load of studs and leather out in the stores right now.
I now need to rush off to my two hour lecture until eight! It is, however, 30 degrees today in Sunny Spain!

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