Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Moulin Rouge

Tomorrow night, there is a Moulin Rouge party at Teatro Circo club in Murcia. It is a themed night (obviously) and takes me back to the days when I used to dress up every Friday for BOP in first year. I don't tend to dress up anymore, but I will next year, as it is my final year *sob*.
I have never dressed up as a character from Moulin Rouge before, and I don't plan on dressing up loads like the characters in the film because I don't want to walk around the streets of Spain half naked with random men leering. I think I'm going to opt for the classic LBD, crazy coloured heels, and add a feather boa, and clip on hat (the last two I will have to find and buy tomorrow in the short free hours I have during the day).
I have created an inspiration board - it seems the blog is full of them this month - for Moulin Rouge.
I think the theme of Moulin Rouge is a fantastic idea for a birthday theme also (or any kind of party if you feel like dressing up).
I love the film too! It always makes me cry at the end. I might watch it in bed tonight before my early start tomorrow. I can get into the spirit of the theme even though I am already really excited to have another night out!

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