Friday, 26 October 2012

Topshop Turns Spooky

This is yet another Halloween post. I am going all out this year because I have come to love the entirety of it; the dressing up, the pretending to be someone else, the spooky music, scary films (not so much because I hate horrors!) and the decorations. I wish Britain was a little more like America in this way as they go all out for Halloween!

This post is Topshop crazy, as is the majority of my fashion & style posts!

As always, I would love to buy every single item on this inspiration board, and the one below! 
It's true that we all like to dress up as something completely different for the Halloween weekend, Halloween party or Halloween night out. But, during the day, we don't really think about it. It is just another day in the office/classroom/home etc. Why not this year, take some inspiration from Topshop? Wear black lace, black nail varnish, black accessories during the day to get into the spirit!
Black is back.
Shop the Little Shop Of Horrors here.
Look out for even more Halloween related posts very soon.

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