Wednesday, 7 November 2012

HerUni: Geordie Shore Is Back!

BANG! And they’re back.
Geordie Shore has returned with great anticipation from its millions of fans worldwide. And, why wouldn’t you love these sick, twisted, amazing, group of friends-turned-family of who has sex with each other, throws up all over each other’s things, screams in each other’s faces, then makes up soon after.
I have never seen Jersey Shore but when I watched the first season of the Geordies, I fell in love with all the characters. I have loved and hated almost all of them at one point, apart from Charlotte because she is absolutely crazy and just amazing really.
This season, they are back on home ground which means only one thing: trouble. No matter what they say, bad things tend to follow them, which is great for us as viewers because we lap up on all the drama.
The thing I love most about Geordie Shore is the love-hate relationship between Gaz and Charlotte. I do not care what she says about having a boyfriend (who she hasn’t been with for a couple of months now since filming), Charlotte still has a thing for Gaz. She will always have those feelings for him and as much as I hate it, because Gaz is a d**khead about the situation, I love it aswell because it is kind of a Romeo and Juliet thing in a weird way .They both admitted in an earlier season by the way! You can tell from the end of the first episode that she’s still in love with him despite having a boyfriend, Scott(?), because she makes a fuss when he is about to have a foursome with two random blonds and his new ‘Dream Team’ partner Scott. More on the newbies later… I also don’t care what Gaz says about not having feelings for her either. Point 1) He repeats the fact that she has a boyfriend about three times when speaking to the camera. We know she has a boyfriend. I reckon he was trying to convince himself that she has a boyfriend, meaning she won’t always be there just in case. Point 2) When other newbie Dan gets in the hot tub with a mortal Charlotte, he sits there and watches them with a proper face on as if he is about to punch something. He later pushes Dan because of that scenario. God, I love the drama!
All this build up about the two new Geordie boys coming to join the GS crew, and for what? Yeah, they’re both alright to look at if you’re into the typical Geordie style (ahem, spice boys) but I don’t see the massive appeal. When Scott walked in wearing the same t-shirt as Gaz, this was either going to tear them apart, or send them on a massive bromance. It was the latter hence the new ‘Dream Team’. Scott is a nice enough lad although you don’t see much of him until later when he’s having that foursome. Oh, and he also has sex with Holly. He’s already top boy in the house. Dan, on the other hand, is a bit of a drip. First of all, he’s the youngest in the house, at the tender age of 19. He bigs himself up far too much, saying that he’ll be getting all the girls, and then provoking Gaz even more with regards to Charlotte. He doesn’t even talk to girls when he’s out! I’m hoping he comes out of his shell a little bit more with the weeks to come because Geordie Shore has no room for bores.
Onto loved-up, engaged couple, Vicky and Ricci, mainly Vicky because let’s face it; she’s the dominant character in that relationship. You either love Vicky, or you hate her. I love her. She’s one of my favourites, the other two being Charlotte and Sophie. She speaks her mind and doesn’t give a shit about what people think of her. However, she did admit in last night’s episode that she was going to slag off everyone behind their backs which was a bit extreme. Then, she asked – in her words – ‘Dopey’, ‘Slutty’, and ‘Vulgar’ as her bridesmaids. Those are not very nice names to call your bridesmaids. Then again, I’d probably call some of my friends those names as a friendly joke. Although, I’m not sure whether she said it in a friendly way or not. Ricci, on the other hand, didn’t really do much in this episode. He just floated around in the background, behind Vicky most of the time. It is a fantastic idea, nevertheless, that they are in separate bedrooms! Let’s get them to have boy time and girl time instead of being glued together 24/7.
Sophie is just mother hen as she always will be. She and Charlotte have an amazing friendship, and when they cry, I cry. Her pinnacle moment in the first episode of Season 4 was when she had to massage that old man! He wasn’t that old, but I would never do what she had to do. I didn’t even know that you could massage people’s bums! I don’t even want to know how that bum looked because I can imagine. Her reaction was hilarious! She felt ‘violated’ whereas James looked like he was having the time of his life massaging the wife! I want to see Sophie getting very mortal this season because she’s always looking after the younger girls. I’m wondering how ‘great’ her and Joel really are, because every time he’s on this show, he makes her look like a fool, and I want to punch him in the face for it! Sophie is such a lovely girl who would never hurt a fly, and she’s hilarious too!
I haven’t figured out the situation between James and Holly yet. Maybe because there isn’t one on James’ part although there definitely is on Holly’s as her heart flutters and she gets butterflies. I don’t know whether that relationship would ever work, but it’s more drama nonetheless, especially as seen as Holly has already gone and had sex with new boy Scott in the bathroom, which she doesn’t remember. Amazing!
Something that I have never understood with the Geordie boys is that they’re always on the lookout for ‘worldies’ and when they find them, I just think ‘Really?’ They are never that great, but that’s just my opinion.
I really wish they did hour long episodes. I just never want Geordie Shore to end!
Images: Geordie Shore Facebook page.

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