Thursday, 15 November 2012

HerUni: Hair Trends For The Party Season

Autumn has come and winter is most definitely near, if not here already. This means brand new fashion all around, and more importantly, new beauty ideas for hair and makeup. During the cold months, your hair can become brittle which is why you need to keep it nourished. More importantly, party season is sweeping the nation very soon, and for all the university Christmas parties as well as the one’s you will be embracing when you go home, you will need new hairstyles that are quick and easy to do! This winter, the hair from the catwalks is so simple to create in your own bedroom mirror. All you need is great music to get ready to, a gorgeous dress, flawless makeup and friends gossiping away. There is little need for hairspray this winter ladies, so make the most of it!
The bun is a classic look for all year round. It is the most sophisticated ‘do’ for those long days at work or slugging away in the library. It can also become messed up a little for the night time when you go for cocktails at the local Slug ‘n Lettuce. This year on the AW catwalks, it is Diane Von Furstenburg that has been teaming her fashionable clothes with the bun along with other designers such as Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Stella McCartney.
2.Centre Parting
During high school, were there were some girls who could pull off a centre parting without it looking too much like drawn curtains? Centre partings are simple and easy to pull off with the correct texture of the hair, and an added bounce through a simple wave. Gucci has it all figured out with his models by adding twists around the sides. Whereas, Roberto Cavalli has his thick-haired models illustrate this look with either a natural wave or slicked back for the grunge look. This hairstyle can be dressed up or down this winter, whether you’re going shopping on the weekend with your Mum, or going on a wintery first date
3.Twists, braids, plaits
Everyone loves a good braid or plait. If it is just to keep the hair off your face after washing it, or to keep it off the back of your neck on a night out, dancing away. Whichever it is, there are hundreds of ways to twist your hair into a completely different style without needing the level of a hair stylist. Gucci keeps it simple by twisting two parts of the hair and pinning them together at the back to create the classic up-down look. Marc Jacobs is recreating the look made famous by Star Wars’ Princess Leia with two plaited buns and a centre parting. On the other hand, Emilio Pucci has stuck to creating halos out of plaits and wrapping it twice across the middle of the head. The rest of the hair is straight and loose. Valentino is sticking to the twists by twisting both sides of the hair without creating a parting and wrapping it up neatly in a bun to finish.
4. Ponytails
Ponytails are never out of season! They are the easiest thing to do with a bobble – not so much without – and nowadays, women are more prone to styling them for a night out on the town with added height, volume or accessories. This is a style that emphasises the length of your hair, whilst keeping it off your face which can really show off your make-up. Ponytails, like Chanel, can be worn slick back with straight hair. This look is can always be a good one (despite the grease) for between washes, which is a lot more than we anticipate due to long nights at the library, followed by 9am lectures just before a deadline. Christian Dior and Jil Sander have gone for the extra low ponies for the catwalk, whereas Jason Wu opted for scraped back ponytails almost on top of the head for his models. Look to Ralph Lauren for the more laidback style with a small lift to the root.
A quiff or bouffant is a great way to update any look for a night out. This is a look that I always ask my friend to style for me when the girls go out. A bouffant with curly hair is the ultimate hair ‘do’ for me. Alexander McQueen had his hairdressers in the ultimate bouffant zone. All of the hair was backcombed and pulled back. Anna Sui took bouffants to another level with the bouffant starting halfway back from the hairline. Big bouffants are in with a side parting at the front to create a completely different look. This added with a low ponytail creates an ultra modern look. Derek Lam is one of my favourite versions of the bouffant because it has a crazy, messy vibe, and isn’t ultra sophisticated like the other two. This is the type of bouffant to go for if you are a bit more edgy with your hair or, simply, you need a new look for that exciting gig that you are attending this winter. Vera Wang also has a variation of the grunge look. This look is a bit less height but says just as much.
Waves are the most natural look any girl could pull off. Simply leave your hair to dry naturally for a bit less of straight-up, straight-down hair. Or, if you need a little help, braid your hair when it is wet and sleep on it. In the morning, or even the next day (depending on how wavy you want it), let your hair loose. Waves are a good look to go for, without the stress of getting it perfect, for any occasion, be it a family dinner or a theatre trip. You can accessorize to suit the occasion with your clothes, makeup, or headwear. This fashion season, Balmain created the ultimate beach wave: the one that every girl wants to have during the summer months. Now, it has crossed over to winter. Many designers such as Gucci, Chloe and Robert Cavalli have teamed the centre parting with the wavy hair to create that ultra-natural look. Wavy hair can go from day to night with a simple change of lipstick colour.
For the season that everybody looks forward to, the festive and party season, glam and glitzy accessories are definitely the way forward to update a look for the late nights on the dance floor. Using accessories is quick and easy too, only taking seconds to create a whole new look for the top of your head. When you think of Christmas, what is the first thing that pops into your head aside from the presents, the food, and of course the religion annotations? It is the gold star. Rodarte includes golden star slides in his collection, so get a few lookalikes with backcombed hair to sort yourself out for a hint of sparkle. Or, Rochas proves that you don’t need a bobble for a ponytail. Instead, find a wide clip to bring together the hair at the nape of your neck for a thicker pony with a bit of a difference. Dolce & Gabbana show that all you need for the modern princess look is a jewelled headband – perhaps with some pearls attached – and super straight locks to go from day to night.
8.Crazy Colour
Are you getting bored with your natural hair colour? Or, like some of my university friends, do you love to die your hair a different colour every few months? If so, this AW hair trend is for you. Dye your hair bright blue or bright red; or maybe even dye it candy pink for a bubblegum sweet look. Jean Paul Gaultier made his models have various bright colours at the roots of their hair with their natural colour for the rest of the length. Whether your hair is short or long, if you are on the wacky side when it comes to hair, you could pull this off too. At Prada, there is a new type of dip-dye in town. Models with uber-long hair have dip-dyes with colours from opposite ends of the colour spectrum. For example, platinum blond to ruby red. Or, for a look that is not as extreme as that, natural brown to black.
9.Side Parting
Sometimes to update a look, all your hair needs is a new parting. As well as the centre parting being on trend, so is the side parting. What is great about the side parting is that it can be just off the centre, or it can be a deep side parting. Whatever your decision, it will be in fashion. Another thing about this versatile look is that it can be a soft messy change or ultra straight. Bottega Veneta and Christian Dior have opted for the tight, shiny look with a side parting whereas Dries Van Noten has gone for the messier, laidback look. Both these designers have teamed side parting with a ponytail which is great for the wintery days. Add a scarf to keep your neck warm and this will do for any pub lunch or last minute Christmas shop. Lanvin, on the other hand, has added a touch of luxury to the side parting with waves that are inspired by the women of the late 1930s. This is one of your many evening looks for that glamorous party this season.

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