Monday, 5 November 2012

What To Wear: Bonfire Night

From what I've seen on Facebook and Twitter, there has already been a weekend filled with fireworks and bonfires. But, tonight is the night. It is afterall the 5th November!
I remember the times when I was younger, to early teen years, when I would walk to Central Park with family, and later friends to watch the massive bonfire with that tiny chair on top and a fake Guy Fawkes.
I wish that Spain celebrated Bonfire Night just so I could go and see some fireworks somewhere. I'll have to make an effort when I'm back in London next year to go to Hyde Park, unless I'm working which will probably be the unlucky case.
With Bonfire Night, despite the raging fire, it will be freezing in England, so get the hats and gloves out along with biker boots and scarves. Basically wrap up very warm.
Of course this is only one look; you could go with a skirt and thick tights plus a long winter coat, or leggings and an oversized jumper with more layers underneath combined with wellies if it is wet and muddy where you are.
Whatever you wear tonight, enjoy the fireworks and the bonfire with that fake Guy Fawkes on top whilst I'm stuck in a lecture room until 8pm and then have to come home without seeing any sparkler this year. And, stay safe!

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