Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Winter is on it's way in thick and fast. I'm even feeling it a bit over in the South of Spain where it should be sunny 24/7! This is not the case. I am really excited to come home in just over a month despite it being really cold.
My landlord came to the flat for rent last night and I was bare-footed, and he said, "Why don't you have socks on? Aren't you cold?!" in Spanish. I replied, "No." One of my flatmates was shocked so I said to him that it was a lot colder than this where I come from, in the minus' at the moment in fact. He couldn't believe it.
However, I am adapting to this weather as I get cold at less than 18 degree weather which is not normal for us Brits!
Anyway, as winter is coming, it's time for some winter inspiration on SG.


This was my 200th SG blog post!
I have just joined Pinterest where you can see here. Expect a hell of a lot of hair repins, especially in the run up to me getting my hair restyled! It is not long now until I get it done! Beyond excited.

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