Wednesday, 14 November 2012

November Shopping Spree

I have just returned from a massive spree at Nueva Condimina! I love that place! I went with the intentions of getting a few necessities including some winter warmers (as I have none!) and some new boots because the ones from Miss Selfridge are really narrow at the toes so I can't wear them for too long, and they squelch on marble floor which is everywhere in the university!
First purchase:

Grey over-the-knee boots. I have always wanted over-the-knee boots and have finally found some that go over my chunkier calves! They were pretty cheap too! They were in the sale for 24.50 euros! I love the stone wash colour. It is safe to say that I am very pleased with these new boots, and the heel looks like it'll last a while unlike other boots I have had in the past.
Purchases 2,3 & 4:

Some much needed jumpers/cardigan were purchased today! I now have more of a varied selection of winter warmers to fling over a tee and leggings. I did see another one with the same style as the first jumper, but grey with a skull on and coloured roses. I tried the small in that and it felt a little bit tight. I like oversized jumpers and usually opt for large. Besides, I prefered this image of the wolf because it was a bit different to the many skull tops I own. It was 15.99 euros.The second jumper was the last in large and it fits perfectly! It's baggy, but not too much and I can fling it over anything because it is grey! I like the small detail across the shoulders too which seems to be everywhere at the moment! Priced at 19.99 euros, I think it was a very good buy! The last one was something that my friend, Hannah, picked up for me. It is in large and it is really comfy! It's 19.99 which I think is a reasonable enough price for a thick, warm cardy.
Purchase 5:

The BIG purchase! I am in love with these boots! I have always been a little bit envious of Emilie's YSL boots ( and I saw the zip on these boots and it was just love. That is the only way I can describe it. They were 39.99 euros which I think is really good for high heeled boots! I may just be saying it to myself to make me feel better with the fact that I have little money (with travels & Xmas coming up!), but I love them, and cannot wait to wear them at home! I was going to wear my brown New Look boots on Christmas Day, but these might have just overtaken them! By the way, I'll only be wearing my boots for photos and the like, or when family first arrive. For the rest of the day, I'll be in slippers thank you very much!
I bought some little necessities also which don't need to be added on the post.
Other things I have bought this month are three skirts and a bag. I did need my skirts for Christmas for a change from the usual leggings. And the bag was a necessity for nights out(!) although the zip isn't great but it has gold spikes on it!

My Mum freaked out a little when I showed her the amount of stuff I bought today. Dad just laughed.
 I swear this happens to me when I'm shopping...
In other news, my friends and I have been planning various trips for next month before we go home (WHICH IS 5 WEEKS TODAY!), including Barcelona, Benidorm and Valencia. I hope (fingers and toes crossed) that we seriously do go through with it as it'll be an amazing way to end the first semester and it gives us so much more to look forward to before Christmas! I have also been planning a trip to Madrid for a long weekend in February, and another trip to Valencia for Las Fallas in March. I plan to go on plenty of weekend trips next semester, as well as try harder with this university despite how much I despise it!

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