Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lazy Day Wear

Sometimes everybody has one of those days (or weeks) where they just want to slob around their bedroom and watch re-runs of 90210 or The Vampire Diaries. Or, it is also that time of year for students, just before we can get excited about going home for Christmas, when there is that dreaded cloud looming over us called D-Day. And that means that we have to spend days and nights cooped up in the library (or in bed) reading material and writing up to 3000 words of a topic we've been studying for the past three months. I have to write around 5000 words by the 10th on something that I have no idea where to start. Plus, it's in Spanish!
Instead of staying in your PJs (and staying in bed - it's not a good idea), get up early and get some reading done, after eating breakfast whilst watching an episode of 90210. Then take a shower and get comfortable in some warm leggings and an oversized jumper, or tracksuit bottoms and a baggy tee.
I've added five tees so that it's for five full days of work/laziness just before the Xmas holiday.
However you like to spend your days chilled out on the sofa, you can do it in style, just incase somebody disturbs you and comes knocking on your door. This way you're fully prepared for anything, but with comfort! And if you're off to the library at 10pm, it doesn't mean you have to look your worst. However, if you imagine that image of a girl with scraped back hair, leggings and an oversized jumper with sleep in her eye, that would probably be what I look like when I go to the library.

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